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If you've been studying NLP or hypnosis (or any other persuasion technology for that matter) for the past twenty years, you've heard a thing or two about rapport.

Most notably, you've probably heard that it's the "first" and "most important step" to influencing another person.

A few months back, I wrote an article that turned the concept on its head. I even went as far as to say that rapport is an absolute waste of time when it comes to influence and persuasion, especially when changing a person's beliefs on a deeper level (you can read that article here).

I've now gone into greater detail expanding that article, adding more thoughts, and even revealed the exercises to strengthen your influence in the world, and gain control of your power.

I've created a special report called

"The Rapport Report: Why Everything
You Know About Rapport is Wrong.

You can get a FREE copy of it when you sign up for the Power List (which is also free).

In the Rapport Report, I reveal:

  • why rapport can actually hurt your chances of true influence and take you away from your intended results

  • how rapport can work in the short-term, but seldom in the long-run

  • the mental exercises you MUST do to gain power over others (Hint: Total control over others requires having total control over yourself first. These simple exercises will give you that)

  • How to get others to defer authority to you as you become the kind of person they assume has influence. Half the work is already done if they automatically hand over their power to you
Sometimes, the "experts" just get it all wrong. And, when you read the Rapport Report, you'll see what I mean.

Join the Free Power List and
Download the "Rapport Report"

Listen.  I'm a fan of hypnosis and NLP.  I was a clinical hypnotherapist for several years, and the stuff DOES work. I'm even a fan of the way it's taught. There's still a few good teachers out there.

But, the applications of the hypnosis/NLP techniques are VERY context specific.  In the "real" world, outside of a clinical environment, its power diminishes rapidly.

Even if you're one of the few people who is really good at it in the outside world, I'm CERTAIN you've noticed that, to keep up the influence, you have to do it OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

Whether you're looking to influence in the world of seduction, or you need to make fundamental changes to yourself, hypnosis and NLP are not enough!  They are baby steps to true power and influence.

If you're truly interested in becoming more in control over yourself and your environment, join the list.  See for yourself that I'm not feeding you a line.  And, I'm DEFINITELY not teaching what nearly everyone else out there is. 

There's hardly any NLP or hypnosis applications that I focus on anymore (and I'll tell you which ones I do focus on). The Power List is a resource of techniques that you won't find anywhere else.

a handful of these techniques will
change your life forever.

I'm talking about a level of psychological understanding that cult programmers and brain-washers use, to change yourself and the people around you.

The technology I reveal is material that very few other practitioners are using, and those few that are aware of it are NOT TEACHING IT

It doesn't make business sense for them to give away all their secrets because, in fact, they are using the techniques on YOU.

I don't work that way.  I believe in teaching EVERYTHING I know.  I believe it's my duty to do so.  There's plenty of people that I don't teach this technology to, but, if you're paying hard-earned money to discover cutting edge mind control and re-programming techniques, I truly feel you should be getting the very best from me.

When It Comes to Changing Yourself And Taking Control of Others, There is NOBODY Else Who's Revealing Everything. 

Here's what you get from joining the list:

  • access to mind control techniques that no other teacher in the field of persuasion will show you (that is, if they even know these techniques in the first place).

  • positive applications to use powerful Brain-Washing systems to affect beneficial change in yourself and others PERMANENTLY.

  • up-to-the-minute awareness of the latest and greatest overt AND covert tools to literally take over the mind of nearly anyone you meet.

  • more FREE bonuses and audio reports over the next few months.  Trust me, even my free stuff is worth more than what many others sell for hundreds of dollars.

    (start off with the Rapport Report, and you'll see what I'm talking about)

  • covert techniques that are being used against you ALL THE TIME (and how you can protect yourself from it).  If you don't join for any other reason, AT THE VERY LEAST, make yourself aware of how others are deliberately/accidentally using it against you to keep you in place.

I don't know if you're looking to gain more influence in work, or if you want more control in your sex life.  Perhaps you're even looking to change a few things about yourself (How about incredible levels of confidence and fearlessness when approaching women, so that it's no longer frightening to do so?).

Maybe you're just interested in every aspect of human capability, and want to get better at whatever you set your mind on.
  Or, you just want to be armed and aware of the tactics being used against you.

In any case, take a moment to subscribe to the Power List, and get access to the top 1% of persuasion/influence information out there.

Join the Free Power List and
Download the "Rapport Report"

You have absolutely nothing to lose by joining, and everything to gain.  If I don't deliver on what I say I can, unsubscribing is a snap (and I will never share your information with any third party.  That's a guarantee).

I firmly believe that, within the first few emails, a shock of realization will wake you up- There really is a world of influence, power and control that most of us have only dreamed about.

Yours for more Power,

Lucas West

PS Download the Rapport Report immediately, and you'll see a new world opening up before you.

PPS I know it requires a leap of faith these days to give out your email to anyone.  So, I encourage you to check out my blog as well.  It's http://www.thepowerblog.com. While the information on the Power List goes into a lot more depth than the blog, it will give you a decent indication of the material covered.

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